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H+Soft Retro Arcade Entertainment
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3 January 2009

Editor's review

Owing to their stunning graphics and adventurous journeys, virtual arcade games are very popular among all age-groups. If you are also looking forward to trying out your gaming skills with a couple of good arcade games, then try out the new H+Soft Arcade 1.4. With a collection of Mini and Retro Style games, users can download, play, delete any game or get info with great ease. H+Soft Arcade 1.4 includes Rocket Boot Santa and Hagatha’s Halloween Havoc games that your kids would surely enjoy playing. Help Santa collect the presents, and guide Hagatha to reach her castle. It will also enable you to add or remove the games from your list, as per the requirements.

H+Soft Arcade 1.4 provides you with two exciting game and gives you the ability to add or delete more, according to the preferences. You can select any game and click on ‘Play’ to start playing it, and if you wish to quit the game, just press Esc key. To add a game you have to follow simple steps, click on ‘Games’ option, browse gallery, download setup, install it, and start playing. It also supports updating existing game through the given relevant option. Further to get the game info, press ‘Info’ option and the recent info and tips page would open on the website. If you want to remove any game from the directory, use ‘Delete’ button. Moreover, it supports keeping High scores record and displays it with the game screenshot. H+Soft Arcade’s main menu includes options like ‘Return To Arcade’, ‘Update Game Directory’, ‘Read Instruction Manual’, ‘Performance/Speed Settings’, ‘Adjust Volume Settings’, and ‘Save Settings And Quit’, along with various sub-options. It includes games like Rocket Boot Santa, where Santa requires your help to collect all the gifts passing through different hurdles. The latest added game is Hagatha’s Halloween Havoc, where you have to guide Hagatha through the mazes to reach her castle. Both of these games require you to cross 30 challenging levels. Even there are many others for you to enjoy.

With H+Soft Arcade 1.4 you would love playing variety of games and enjoy the adventures presented to you. It is justifiably rated with 4 points, for offering self-explanatory features, and ability to fetch a variety of fun games to you.

Publisher's description

Ever wanted to have your own arcade on your PC or Laptop? Now you can with H+Soft Arcade! - Play, Download, Get Info or Delete any game from the H+Soft collection of 2D and 3D Retro Style Mini games with a simple mouse click! With several games available and new games in development, H+Soft Arcade is definately worth checking out! Version 1.5 includes retro shooter Retro Invaderz 3D installed - Play with Red/Green 3D glasses to defend the earth from descending alien invaders! H+Soft Arcade Features: Several 2D and 3D Games for download from the H+Soft website, Play the 3D games with 3D glasses!, Game timing and display settings, Full screen and window display for games, Game pad calibration settings and testing, Links to the H+Soft website for games, help, and version info, plus, a whole lot more! - H+Soft Arcade is a 90 minute trial giving you plenty of time to play!
H+Soft Arcade
H+Soft Arcade
Version 1.5
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